Czech Institute of Academic Education z.s.

(Český institut akademického vzdělávání)

Vodnická 309/20, 149 00, Praha 4, Czech Republic

IČ: 02953455

DIČ (VAT): CZ02953455

ID data boxes: zcujv5z

Email: info@conferences-scientific.cz

Alternate email: conferences-scientific@email.cz

Non-profit organization established in 2012 and providing educational services and expert advice. The organization has been organizing international academic conferences since 2012. Its main aim is the dissemination of science.

Founding member and Chairman of the organization is Ing. Radek Kratochvil, Ph.D. He graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague in economics and management of transport and telecommunications.

Founding member of the organization is Mgr. Helena Kratochvilová, DiS. She graduated from the University of Jan Amos Comenius, Department of Adult Education. She has published many articles in professional journals. She regularly lectures.