International Academic Conferences 2022

Our conferences are STANDARD (ONSITE) and VIRTUAL.
- if the standard (onsite) conference has to be canceled due to coronavirus, each conference participants will receive (as participants of the virtual conference) a certificate and their articles will be published in the conference proceedings complete with ISBN.

Budapest 2022 - February (HUNGARY) VIRTUAL
*IAC-MEM - Management, Economics and Marketing
*IAC-TLEl - Teaching, Learning and E-learning
*IAC-TLTS - Transport, Logistics, Tourism and Sport Science
*IAC-ERITN - Engineering, Robotics, IT and Nanotechnology

Conference Program Dates
Friday, February 25, 2022

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*IAC-TLEl - Teaching, Learning and E-learning
*IAC-MEM - Management, Economics and Marketing
*IAC-TLTS - Transport, Logistics, Tourism and Sport Science

Conference Program Dates
Friday - Saturday, May 27 - 28, 2022

Includes the guided city tour of Prague

About the Conferences

International Academic Conferences are an important international gathering of scholars, educators and PhD students. IAC 2022 will take place in conference facilities located in Budapest / Vienna / Prague, the touristic, business and historic center of the Hungary / Austria / Czech Republic.

Conference language: English language

Conferences organized by the Czech Institute of Academic Education z.s. in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Publishing offer for year 2022 (possibility of free publishing for our conference participants):
- international journals of economics, management, etc. - submission

Contact email: info@conferences-scientific.cz