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International Academic Conferences 2020/2021

Our conferences will be PHYSICAL and VIRTUAL.
- if the physical conference has to be canceled due to coronavirus, each conference participants will receive (as participants of the virtual conference) a certificate and their articles will be published in the conference proceedings complete with ISBN.

Vienna 2020 - December (AUSTRIA) ONLY VIRTUAL
*IAC-GETL - Global Education, Teaching and Learning
*IAC-MEBM - Management, Economics, Business and Marketing
*IAC-TLTS - Transport, Logistics, Tourism and Sport Science

Conference Program Dates
Friday - Saturday, December 11 - 12, 2020

Keynote speakers:
Piotr Jednaszewski, Ph.D. - St Mary`s Academy, Scotland

Vienna Christmas Market
Includes the guided city tour of Vienna
Event: Vienna Christmas Markets

Budapest 2021 - March (HUNGARY) PHYSICAL / VIRTUAL
*IAC-MEM - Management, Economics and Marketing
*IAC-TLEl - Teaching, Learning and E-learning
*IAC-TLTS - Transport, Logistics, Tourism and Sport Science
*IAC-ERITN - Engineering, Robotics, IT and Nanotechnology

Conference Program Dates
Friday - Saturday, March 19 - 20, 2021

Includes the sightseeing cruise (Boat Trip)

*IAC-TLEl - Teaching, Learning and E-learning
*IAC-MEM - Management, Economics and Marketing
*IAC-ETITAI - Engineering, Transport, IT and Artificial Intelligence

Conference Program Dates
Friday - Saturday, July 2 - 3, 2021

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Includes the guided city tour of Vienna

About the Conferences

International Academic Conferences are an important international gathering of scholars, educators and PhD students. IAC 2020/2021 will take place in conference facilities located in Budapest / Vienna, the touristic, business and historic center of the Hungary / Austria.

Conference language: English language

Conferences organized by the Czech Institute of Academic Education z.s. in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Publishing offer for year 2020/2021 (possibility of free publishing for our conference participants):
- international journals of economics, management, etc. - submission

Contact email: info@conferences-scientific.cz