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International Academic Conferences: 

*Vienna 2015 - Management, Economics and Marketing
*Vienna 2015 - Teaching, Learning and E-learning

Conference Program Dates
Friday - Saturday, November 13 – 14, 2015

Honorary Guest and Keynote Speaker (Vienna 2015)
Professor Wei-Bin Zhang
 - Japan
- College of Asia Pacific Management, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
- Top author in Japan - in economics in NJP

and Vienna

*Prague 2015 - New Year's Academic Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (NY'sAC-SSaH 2015)

Conference Program Dates
Wednesday - Thursday, December 30 - 31, 2015

Prague newyear

*Budapest 2016- Management, Economics and Marketing
*Budapest 2016 - Teaching, Learning and E-learning

Conference Program Dates
Friday - Saturday, April 15 - 16, 2016



Events in Budapest: 
16-17 April 2016 Marathon
10-26 April 2016 Spring Festival

About the Conferences

International Academic Conferences are an important international gathering of scholars, educators and PhD students. IAC 2015/2016 will take place in conference facilities located in Prague / Budapest / Vienna, the touristic, business and historic center of Czech Republic / Hungary / Austria.

Conference language: English language

Conferences organized by the Czech Institute of Academic Education z.s. and Czech Technical University in Prague.

Contact email: info@conferences-scientific.cz

Upcoming Conferences: 

Vienna - July 2019

- Management, Economics and Marketing 
- Teaching, Learning and E-learning 
- Engineering, Transport, IT and AI

Budapest - August 2019

- Management, Economics, Business, Mark.
- Global Education, Teaching and Learning 
- Engineering, Transport, Travel, Logistics, Tourism, IT and AI

Dresden - October 2019

- Management, Economics and Marketing 
- Teaching, Learning and E-learning

Vienna - November 2019

- Management, Economics, Business, Mark.
- Global Education, Teaching and Learning 
- Transport, Logistics, Tourism and Sport S.



1. Only participation
2. Presentation
3. Poster

Journals (peer-review):

"Selected Papers from 2019 IAC-MEM/IAC-MEBM Conferences" - selected articles will be published in Special Issue of journal:"Economies", (ISSN 2227-7099)
Included in the conference fee.
Deadline: 31 December 2019

Email: info@conferences-scientific.cz